30 05 2009

In this contest you have to answer these questions right and you got to get them all right! Here are the prizes:

1st prize: Add Ttpeep, Pk Ko King and Withyoually on CP, Be in a video with Withyoually and Host a party!

2nd prize: Add Ttpeep, Pk Ko King and Withyoually on CP and Be in a video with Withyoually!

3rd prize: Add Ttpeep, Pk Ko King and Withyoually on CP!

Here are the Questions:

1.Name all the Authors on this site?

2.Will you win this contest?

3.Pick a number between 1-10?

You can only comment 2 times ONLY!



New Stuff on CP!…..Kinda

29 05 2009

Aloha my friends! There are some new things on Club Penguin! Well kinda…BUT there is something new for sure! Theres new igloo music! Oh yeah! Rock on with the music! YEAH! ROCK AND ROLL! sorry I got carried away. :lol: Well I like the Mix Maestro song its has like the songs in….DJ3K! Well another new thing on Club Penguin is……Oh yeah! The home screen! Heres a pic!

home page

Yeah! Explorers Wanted! I think its like the quest “Knights Needed” Yeah so it might be another quest!…..Maybe Rockhopper’s plants grew too big and grew into a forest! OMG! And maybe some zoo animals got inside his ship when he went to Florida! Ahh!…sorry I keep getting carried away…Well heres another pic!


Ok wait so this is the home screen…so what was the other one? There could be 2 home screens…or maybe one of them is the home page. No wait that cant be. Alright which one is which? Ok that doesn’t matter! Soooo uhhh theres penguins in that pic…plants…a boat…a puffle….somebody lost their phone…

Well another new thing is the igloo music! Wait I already said that. Well I guess thats it! I think… Well don’t forget we get paid at the end of this month! Yeah! Rock on! Sorry I’m still thinking about the new music…



oops forgot the catalog! He he! I been thinking to much about the music! Well take a look!




YAY! Woo hoo! Catalog! Rock and roll! ok I have to stop that!



Wait I already said that…

CP’s dojo igloo contest!

28 05 2009

Hey guys Charmy here! Club Penguin is having a dojo igloo contest! Heres the post that Club Penguin made! (credit goes to Club Penguin)

Hello Penguins!

Ninja decorators wanted! A while ago I told you about the Dojo igloo decorating contest that’s coming up – and now it’s time for the “official” announcement! We wanted to let you know that from June 1- 13 the team will be looking for the coolest Dojo igloo on the island. Will it be yours?

To enter, all you have to do is decorate your Dojo igloo in a very creative, ninja-like way. Here’s an example (but yours will be even more awesome, I’m sure!):

Dojo Igloo[1].jpg
There will be 20 winners total. If your igloo is chosen as a grand prize winner, you’ll get 25,000 coins. If it’s a runner up, you’ll get 15,000 coins. Winners will be announced in the June 18 issue of the Club Penguin Times!

Don’t forget that before you can get the igloo from the Martial Artworks catalog in the Ninja Hideout, you’ll need to have your black belt and the ninja mask.

Until then…Waddle on!

Wow! We can so make better igloos! Good luck on the contest! Try to get the award lots of money! Well see ya next time!




27 05 2009

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27 05 2009

hi guys i am soooooo bored that i was wonderin on cp and suddenly i find some plants outside of the lighthouse.i was sooooo freaked out and didnt know wat happened soooo comment and tell us wat u think it is and the new sports catalog will be released i think this or next friday.and im havin a prom party cuz im gonna graduate from 6th grade.tell us if u could come to my party later guys.!!!

Molly Browns Party

25 05 2009

hi guys!!!!my friend molly brown1 is havin a party right now on ice bound.she will be addin and right now were on the ice rink ok plz come guys bye and hope u come to her party

aquakike99 finds rockhopper

24 05 2009

i just met rockhopper today 🙂
rockhopper old background

rockhopper OLD background

new rockhopper background
this is rockhopper NEW background