summer camp

30 06 2009

hey guys, i wont be on as much because i joined 2 summer camps…
but i’ll try to come on as much as i can.

~Molly Brown1 ūüôā



30 06 2009

hey guyz i just wanna let u know that i will be makin a cp news every other day  PEACE!



29 06 2009

Hey guys. I wont be posting alot cuz im going to San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Florida soon. So dont expect me to post so much. Im just in a busy vacation. It’ll be like 3 days for each vacation. Sooo I wont be on alot or on xat.Wel l cya! OH WAIT! Remember Random Penguins? On Great News and a Party I wrote different names of my penguins. And 3 people said RANDOM PENGUINS! to my different pengs. SO THEY GET THEIR PRIZES!¬†

1st place:Blueagar Jr

2nd place:Nyctasia

3rd place: Bosco86

CYA PEOPLE! And if you see me on mydinos(Starblaze), pandanda(Starblaze), or Chobots(Chobotsrule12345) and btw im becoming a member on chobots because those other websites are still Beta, say hi!

~The banned forever Mr Wobbles3~

new vid!

29 06 2009            its my first vid well music vid i hope u like it!

Hey guyz!

29 06 2009

Sorry i havnt been posting for a while i really wanna make more cp vidz but my mom say MAYBE and my bro says ITS SLOWS THE COMPUTER DOWN!!  does it? lemme know in comment and its hypercam thx PEACE!!!

News about CP Cheats

27 06 2009

Ok its meh again! Mr Hockey 09. Or MHockey9. Or mhockey09cp. Or which ever of these 3 idk. There is a reason why I cant do CPCheats now I am kinda busy. But l8er 2might I will probably have sometime 2 do it. Ok? Srry ppl who r waiting on CPCheats 2 get done.

Waddle On! ~Mr Hockey 09

My Site

27 06 2009

Visit my site at and comment if you want to become an author!
Well later