Contest. Ends Augest 10.

31 07 2009

Ok guys so the contest results is…………. FUNNIEST OUTFIT! Heres what you gotta do.

1: Go on club penguin.

2: Click on your Player Card and make A funniest outfit! (Or craziest)

3: When your done, on your Player Card click Print Screen on the keyboard!

4: Take it to paint and press Edit on the top, then Paste, Then youll have it there! You should figure out the rest.

5: Take the picture again to or whatever is A good system. Upload it on that system.

6: Copy and Paste that link to A comment on this post!


1st Place: Add me on club penguin, Be in beard and peep (Beard and my new show) tv, Host A TtpeeTv party.

2nd Place: Add me on club penguin, Host A TtpeepTv party.

3rd Place: Add me on club penguin.

If you need any help just ask! (I will have the points on A password protected page on my site)

Ok, so please enter!



I am bored!

31 07 2009

Well just saying hi I’m back sorry I didn’t post anything that much and stuff…. so yah im bored!

New Club Penguin ♫ Video!

31 07 2009

Hiiiiiiii Guuuuyyss!
Guess what!
New Club Penguin ♫ Video!
Yup thats right!
It was recorded by Rocker and editd by me 😉
Well…. Here is the vdeo:

I know i used a lot of anotation lol

But i though it will be fun to use them 🙂

Please leave a comment,Rate and Subscribe!


Maybe another upcoming contest

31 07 2009

Hey guys. Mr Wobbles3 here. I was thinking, that i might make another contest. For another coin code. But this time i dont know what to do this time. I did a quiz and Iscool87 won. But now what? Can you give me some ideas? That would be real helpful.

~Mr Wobbles3~


27 07 2009

Heyyyy everyone its me Iscool87 as you were just told I won the series 3 contest! Yayyy! Lol if you wanna know what i got here it is,…

1. that vivid shirt with all the colors

2. The cute pink stuff animal

3. the blue bowa


So thank you wobbles for giving me the coin code!!! Yay! Lol if you enter and you didnt win there is gonna be another contest said wobbles in the post b4 this One! So keep visiting this awesome site you never know it could be published any minute now! So keep visiting 🙂 Im looking really foward to being an author here!

Please no rude comments saying She doesnt deserve to win, she cheated or ect

okay well ima go now Bye!!!


Contest Results

27 07 2009

Hello guys. I KNOW SOME OF YOU WILL BE SAD cuz of the results. But hey! There will be more Coin Code contests! 😀 So heres the results

1st place: Iscool87(You get to add rocker, get to star in his vid, get the toy code,host a party and become an author)

2nd place: Bluehero29(star in rockers vid and host a party)

3rd place: Rocker66843 and Blueagar Jr(Star in Rockers vid)

  ———————————————————UPDATE————————————————————————– Bluehero said he will give up his prizes to the third place winner. Rocker can host a party any day since hes an author so Blueagar Jr will host a party and star in rockers vid!



CONGRATS TO ALL YOU GUYS! 😀 I hope to see you guys enter again IN MY NEXT SERIES 3 TOY CODE CONTEST  that can be anytime!

~Mr Wobbles3~

Oh wait.. heres the answers!

1. Old Club Penguin/Penguin Chat


3.Orange Chiken


5.Mountain Lion, Puma, Panther, Catamoun, Devil of the Mountains(ANY NAME IS ACCEPTABLE)

6.18.84 or 18.85

7.Rockhopper brought it

8.water party

9.The Quest of the Golden Puffle

10. Club Penguin let penguins vote for its name

11.Thunder struck it

12.The Funster

13. Sarah Good

14. Rebecca Nurse

15.Giles Corey

16.Bridget Bishop

17. 1692

18. Bugs

19.xat, Pandanda, Chobots, Fantage, Mydinos(JUST ONE OF THEM IS ACCEPTABLE)

20. Pussycat Dolls

21. Daniel Powter


23. The Philippines




Contest results tomorrow :D

27 07 2009

Hey guys! Lots of entries came in just a couple of days. im not telling whos in the lead but all i can say there is 2 people  are tied for first place Many people say that their comment isnt showing. Im sure it will show up as soon as possible.  one thing: YOU CAN ONLY ENTER ONCE. BUt if you enter twice BUT YOU HAVE THE SAME EXACT ANSWERS as your previous comment then thats fine. You cant change your answers anymore. Once its there its THERE. K i know my cousins are entering and i know you would say its un fair cuz they know me better but i decided this. Only one person of them can enter. And one of them already entered(Blueagar Jr). K good luck guys!!

~Mr Wobbles3~