Dx announcement..

31 08 2009

for one thing,if there are any announcements from Dx there wont be a signiture or anything. anyways do not listin to MissleGames. i thought he was my friend,but hes not.. Missle,me and all of us GOT TO WORDS FOR YA!



Stage why did ya write thanks for helping then cross it out dude :/? ~Liger~



31 08 2009



30 08 2009

something me and rocker did.

                SUCK IT ~stage


30 08 2009

Hey wats up!! Guess what? I am actually going to be helping rocker and stage with most of the cpDX videos.Yay!!!!!!!!!!So hope you guys all like cpDx premire that will be soon. BYE!!!!!!!!!

                                                            ~Liger~ Suck It Boy!!!

thanks for helping liger!


cpDX chat

29 08 2009

everyone must vist my chat(it will be on bottom of post)

and me and rocker are making our first cpDX video today. i hope your looking forward to it.

chat link is http://xat.com/CpDxDgenerationx?p=1 



Are you ready for our premier guys?????~Rocker66843

Fall fair!

29 08 2009

Hey guys Charmy here! Well I bet lots of you all ready noticed that theres a fall fair coming and theres a new fall fair screen! Here take a look!

Faill fair

Also members will be able to take a look in the puffle circus! 😀 I cant wait! Plus my favorite game puffle paddle seems to be there!


P.S. Puffle Paddle ROCKS!!(SUCK IT) ~LIGER~

I’m back!

27 08 2009

Hello everyone! I am back from Minnesota. I was at grabd rapids (That’s the city).

I was staying at A hotel. The pool was sooo warm. Also, this is cute but at A farm they had A 2 year old and I went berry picking. I was holding her hand, she was sooo cute!

Well that’s it bye!