broken leg..

28 09 2009

i havea broken leg 😦 it hurts.. i havent been at school all day because of my leg. i wont be able to go out as much. until than….

suck it.           Sincerly,

                          5543 stage. (half of Dx)

Crystal: Stage i hope ur leg heals sooonnn! look and the bright side, u didn’t get to go to school today =)


Are you ready?

28 09 2009

hello dx members.

this is a special Excsluvive dx announcement.

as we know, me and shawn have been working hard and far for the premiere to show up on YT.  But until than, shawn has been coming up with some pretty good ideas. lets let shawn talk ok?

Thanks hunter. i will not stop and i will fight the walrus.! blaa blaabut in other news the premire will come as soon as it uploads. we are making a 2012 epic(funny style) style. and cpdx well.. its been going good. back to you hunter.

Thanks shawn. until than guys


im the new girl ^_^

27 09 2009

Hellooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m Crystal =) (haha of course!) I’m the new… eh i think administrator, or editor…i cant remember hmm but wuteverzzz… so ya Ima start postin and stuff soo keep visiting that site haha. umm so heres a little bit about mahself:

name: Crystal

fav color: blue, and purple =)

fav bands: greenday!!!!!!!!!!! coldplay, nickleback, umm the ting tings, and moreeeeee

favoriteee sites: cptv… UGH its deleted =<   clubpenguin rythym, this site of course!, and dreamholder

status: in love with TWO people


and yaaa thats a little bit about meh hehe =D




 ehh in the authors wiget thingy, on mah name it says chitchat101, haha ignoreeee that chitchat101=Crystal =) xD

Withyoually: Welcome Crystal

Mr Wobbles3: Hiya Crystal ;D.

CPTV Have End!

27 09 2009

Hey its Withyoually here and you know what I just found out? CPTV IS DELETED! THE SITE! Everyone is saying Beta used Heat for fame then deleted his site… Others arent so sure… So wut do u think? Will heat make another site?



24 09 2009

Hey everyone hows school going for you? I have kind of took a little break from cp because of school. We got 6000 hits and thats really good, well I gtg later guys and gals.


Can You Smell What The Rock…is cooking?

24 09 2009

hey my name is bryan but everybody called me the rock (raafa)

the rock

i will help stage and rocker with cpdx


6000 Hits!!!

20 09 2009

Hey guys its me Rocker66843 and sorry for not postin in a while.ACTUALLY IN A BIG WHILE!!!!!!But as u see there’s been a lot of new things on this blog like we reached the 6000 hits!!!!!And there’s a new header(Finally and credit goes to my friend icyjoker78)And one thing i want to add is that my membership expired but maybe i will renew it soon but im gettin bored of cp they just repeat the same ideas and that gets very borin but i still play it lol and cpDX video and premiere was done but i cant put the video on youtube i dont know why :/  but i am still tryin and i have to put that video on youtube i really want u guys to watch it sooo this is it.Later guys and i will inform u when cpDX is on youtube.