22 12 2009

Hey guys Dyl98dyl here announcing my Christmas Party!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I hope you can all come!



Visit theelventysevenths!!!

21 12 2009

Hey guys its rocker66843!!!!!!!i just got somethin to say:plz guys plz visit because it is a new wordpress i work for.Oh and if i dont post on Dec. 24th or 25th Happy Christmas guys hope u enjoy ur christmas and ur presents!

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17 12 2009

Hi guys i just want to say, If u are here stage seein my post go to plz stage becuz i need to have a meetin with u. A DX MEETIN!!!

final post from the king of kings!

8 12 2009

this isent my final post but its my final post til christmas. Rocker dont get overexcited. remember children,Uncle Hunter said that i return on christmas! im not back YETTTTTTTTTT! STOP RUIIIIINNIIING IT! *sniff* just kiddin! 🙂  to all of you.

dx christmas announcement

4 12 2009

(: stage iz back

3 12 2009

so i hear stage is back… YAYYYY stage welcome back (:


Rocker is back!!!!

3 12 2009

 Hey guys i am back. i havent been postin for a while because of school. soooo i dont have a lot of time to post and all of that. We have good news!!!!5543 Stage is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooo that means…….DX IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will re-open cuz when i visit it i remember old times and right now the chat bg really does well im gonna be at to chat a while.Bye guys


P.S. I wasnt postin right now it was cabo lol