27 05 2010

Heyy Stage!I found a way we could see each other again!Make a hotmail like msn and when your done making it give it to me ill add you!!!!I hope we find each other again i have many brilliant ideas.


well. i guess i’ll never…

22 05 2010

maybe i’ll never meet rocker again…. but im making a new blog if you guys would even see it šŸ˜¦ i dont care…..Ā i’ll make a pandanda… but how wil i see rocker? .-.


12 05 2010

i acutally got bored of cp a long time ago but i thought rocker and everyone was still into it… i was wrong… but i miss everyone… besides cp is gayer than ever now. -_- crystal wat chat do you guys go to nowadays?

cabo…or rocker… come on guys…

12 05 2010

guys come on… tell me where you guys go now…. if you have read this…. go to the dx chat on the 14th. stay until its 4:00 over there… (pm) my birthday is on the 15th and thats saturday. im turningĀ  13 xD cabo or rocker tell me where you guys are… come on guys i feel like my heart sunk all the way down to my foot because i cant find you guys…


11 05 2010

you heard it. i heard it andĀ a walrus farted! d-generrrrrrrrrrrrrration X is coming back and im inviting you all to a dx party! because whats a king to return without a party? by da way im krackin my way into cp! my new penguin is kracken1. if you try to screw my party up than OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! shawn make a dx eh… wats da word again…. the picture that says the dx will soon return thingy i forgot :p i forget. well thats a post from da king of kings. btw ppl get rockers blog more popular! its kinda quiet in this empty blog *shivers* *remembers the rapist here earlier* XD and remember to… SUCK IT!