Hey Guys

21 06 2010

The reason i want to post this is to remember all of you something/someone that has been through our life stage.He has been the best we’ve ever had he has made us laugh,live.He made our lives be as they are now.And then everything happened we started growing up,quitting cp,and stop communicating.But there is one thing that i will never forget the times he made us live were incredible.Thank you stage you had been the best friend ive ever had & i hope we meet again.






5 responses

1 07 2010

I just hope to see everyone again. oh and slide im leaving cause nothing has really been happening 😦 but oh well 🙂

1 07 2010

Goodbye (for now)

1 07 2010

Why cause everything is dull

28 07 2010

hey man hope you remeber me… :/

30 07 2010

no i dont remember u even tho we just talked d: ehh im so boreeeddd

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