About Authors!

Penguin Name:Rocker66843
Penguins i know in real life:Dama6, Cabo7714, Jonasgirl727, Rockiblack13, Snow Joe 1
Favorite Sport:Soccer,Baseball,Football
Favorite Hobbies:Wrestle with my dog,play cp ,be on xat.com/heatsplace,and play outside
Favorite Animal:Chettah
Favorite Game(on cp):dance contest and catchin’ waves
Favorite Food:Cordon Bleu
Favorite Season:Winter because i like coldness
Favorite Color:Blue
How many blogs i have:12
Main Author on Rocker66843.wordpress.com
Molly Brown1

Penguin Name: Molly Brown1
Penguins i know in real life: Blackpappy, Alyrub, Happyrob5, Stuperdaz, Stuper Jr., and  Stuperdaz Jr.
Favorite Sport: Soccer,Baseball, Football
Favorite Hobbies: Drawing, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Making Videos ,Be on xat.com/heatsplace, Making websites
Favorite Animal: Cheetha
Favorite Game(on cp): Cart Surfer and Catchin’ waves
Favorite Food: Apples, Oranges, and ice cream
Favorite Season:Summer cuz i like to swim
Favorite Color:Black
How many blogs i have: 4
Author on Rocker66843.wordpress.com
molly brown1











Gender: Female 




Favorite Food: Chicken Fried Rice and Ice cream!


Penguins I know in real life: Choco15, Burgerman23, Tucker3343, Aceshopper 




Favorite Color:Pink, orange, light blue, purple.


Hobbies: Making videos, sports, rockband II, playing with my dogs, having sleepovers with friends.


Favorite Sport: Volleyball


Favorite Season: Summer


Favorite Animal: Sheep!


Other Messages!

Hey! I have 2 other blogs but really only post to one of them! 😀



Gender: Male
Penguin Name: Ligerman9999
Penguins I know in real life: Masn9, 10meeko, Bb886, Kbgkgtth, Livefree125,Short Guy 1,Zigaboo, and Mcorry1
Favorite sport: Basketball
Hoobbies: Play with dog, club penguin, and addictingames.com
Favorite animal: Jaguar
Favorite games on cp: Sled race and Dance contest
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite Season: Winter I also like presents and cold
Favorite Color:Black n‘ Red
How many blogs i have: 3
6 Author on  Rocker66843.wordpress.com
Gender: MalePenguin Name:Mr Wobbles3
Penguins I know in real life: Mrs Blueagar, Blueagar Jr, Wobbly1999, Amber9398, and Blue yo-yo2
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Favorite Hobbies: Go on the computer, go on my nintendo ds lite, go on my Ps2, and watch tv
Favorite Animal: Cougar AKA Puma, Mountain Lion, or Panther
Favorite game(on cp): Card Jitsu

Favorite Food: Orange chicken

Favorite Season: Summer cuz there’s no more school

Favorite Color: Blue

 How many blogs i have:1


Mr Hockey 09
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Club Penguin Game: Thin Ice
People I know in real life who play cp: Garrettjay, Garettjay, Garettjay7, Pavel135, DYLAN906, Ian1998 and more…
Favorite Party in cp: Fall Fair 2007 when I joinned cp
Favorite Animal: Dog or Cat
 Favorite Sport: Hockey
Hobbies: Playing Sports, Watching TV,  Club Penguin or Internet and more
Gender: Female Penguin Name: Steffy4475Penguins i know in real life: Vanessa2124Favorite Sport: soccer, softball, Basketball
Favorite Hobbies: Singing, play cp, makin vidz
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Game (on cp): Dance, Sled Racin…..ALL!
Favorite Food: anything with meat in it lol
Favorite Season: summer cuz i luv to be outside!
Favorite Color: Blue
How many blogs: 1 lol
author on rocker66843.wordpress.com
Penguin Name:Dama6
Penguins i know in real life:rockiblack13,rocker66843,cabo7714
Favorite Sport:Soccer,Basketball,Volleyball
Favorite Hobbies: Make CPMVs,hang out with my friendzz! ,sleep,eat,talk,write,read,and post weird things here! xD
Favorite Animal:Penguins!!
Favorite Game(on cp):DJ3K ( cuzz it starts with the letter D!!)
Favorite Food:All kind of foods! specially TACOS!
Favorite Season:WINTER! cuz theres no school and its COLD :S
Favorite Color:hmm..  Blue,Red,Black,Pink.Yellow,Orange RAINBOW!
How many blogs i have:Just this! i had one but i deleted it!  ;(
Thats it! umm ill post a picture later  ;D im too lazy!! Byebye!
Your best friend  Dama6..
Gender: Female
Penguin name: Cooper627
Penguins I know in real life: Basil67, Bigbird90000, Chandler2634, Tyblue24, Typink23 and Hpw101 (you guys don’t know these ppl)
Famous penguins I’m friends with: Iscool87, Cool Wales, Data782, IcyJoker78, Jet Birdie, Kamp Penguin, Pat97pat, Piplupice99, Stone2cold1, Zoielvr810 and Rocker66843!
Favorite Sport: Cheerleading, Soccer, Basketball (All the sports I do lol)
Hobbies: Making club penguin videos, fixing the computer, talking lol, the sports I do, school
Fav. food: I like snackfood like icecream and Doritos
Favorite season: Summer cuz theres no school and its not freeeeezing its warm! I get to swim tooooo!
Favorite color: I like lots like pink, light blue, regular blue and sometimes purple
What blogs I’m on: I have my own, Rocker66843, slade77712, Thaper, Sonic8shadow, Mrrp and my friends and I did one in rl devildepartment
And here’s a picture!
Thanks guys bye! Your friend Cooper627!
Penguin Name:Ttpeep
Penguins I Know In Real Life:Sunburnt10,Wewillrocky,0Syler0
Favorite Sport:Soccer
Hobbies:Playin cp,Playin games on the computer,Playin video games,Makin videos for youtube
Favorite Animal:Hamster
Favorite game(on  cp):Puffles Roundup
Favorite Food:Chicken,Mash potatoes
Favorite Season:Spring
Favorite color:Purple
How many Blogs i am on:5
Main author on ttpeep.wordpress.comTtpeep
Penguin Name:Pinguingue
Penguin I Know In Real Life:Jimmycoolguy,Liamcoolguy,Evhfan,Eddiecoolguy,Gibcoolguy,Webl,Jordie6006,Webkinzguy44
Favorite Sport:Baseball
Favorite Hobbies:Baseball,Talkin,”Kissin Girls”
Favorite Animal:Lion
Favorite Game(on cp):Catchin’ Waves
Favorite Food:Tacos
Favorite Season:Summer
Favorite Color:Blue
How Many blogs i have:4
Main author on Pinguingue.wordpress.com
Jgh Rocks
Penguin Name:Jgh Rocks
Penguins I Know In Real Life:Hrhmisslala,Zato,Sin Quin,Pougles
Favorite Sports:Soccer,Tennis
Favorite Hobbies:Playin Cp,Workin on my Site,Ridin My Scooter,Practicin Soccer
Favorite Animal:Beluga Whale
Favorite Game(on cp):Astro Barrier
Favorite Food:Pork Tenderloin
Favorite Season:Spring
Favorite Color:Red
How many blogs i have:3
Main Author on jghrocks.wordpress.com
Radio wave
penguin name:radio wave
penguins i no in real life:radiowaveii,radiowave6 pain 6(quitted)
favorite food:kalamari,bbq and pizza
favorite drink:coca cola
How many blogs:7
favorite website: xat.com/heatsplace and club penguin
D-generation X!
Penguins i know in real life:none
favorite food(both):Pizza
How many blogs?(2):rockers blog/stage’s blog
Group members:Rocker,Stage


28 responses

17 06 2009

go on my blog and add those things that i have or contact me rocker!

25 07 2009

Hey! your a nice person! i think rocker will assume you a really nice and famous penguin annd visit here,its my new blog http://myclubpenguinsecret.wordpress.com/ it will take a while for me to become famous but ill get there 😉

21 06 2009

when am i gonna be posted i am a author! 😥

31 08 2009

never…rofl SUCK IT!

26 06 2009

lol its that how u spell VOLLEYBALL?!

8 07 2009


29 06 2009

umm you ddint do it yet? your suppose to go to my blog and copy those things! becuase im only a author not an administrator on this blog

7 07 2009
Mrs Blueagar

hi rocker love ur website mabe if u have a opening for a new author it could be me my youtube account is minty386 and maybe we can meet at club penguin PLZ WRITE BACK!!!! xD

7 07 2009

sure we can whenever u want i will add u too if u want and check the blog cuz maybe today or tomorrow i will be postin a contest for a new author on this blog

7 07 2009

I’m so excited about being an author!!!

9 07 2009
radio wave

i wanna be an author!

9 07 2009

meeeee tttooooooooooooooo

9 07 2009

:`( Does anybody visit my blog anymore? I think it will take me A year before I’m famous……. Rocker do you know how you get all those people to come to your blog?

12 07 2009
Da Green

mama miya lol thats cool everyone like blue almost

12 07 2009

lol i know

13 07 2009
Da Green

Why do u want to be famous ttpeep?

13 07 2009

i know i just like to be doin this and lpayin with my friends not tryin to be famous

13 07 2009

Thabk you for helping me on my site rocker. You are so awsome!

15 07 2009
Da Green

Yeah good point being famous is a bit annoying

17 07 2009

What about Sp???

~Roxiebear (SP=SparkleProductions)

18 07 2009

coopers a girl? 0.0

18 07 2009

i didnt no that lol

25 07 2009


25 07 2009

im an author,but why arent i in that list?

28 07 2009

Oh My God look theres me!
i mean not a picture but the things i like!
umm… its 6:19 am and im still here on the computer

4 08 2009

whoa! Raffa your my buddy and you live in sand diego just like me weird im not a stalker or anything i swear but where do you live? (you dont have to tell me its ok if you dont)

18 08 2009

Rocker you should have A party cause you have 5,000 hits! YAY!

5 10 2009

Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

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