(: stage iz back

3 12 2009

so i hear stage is back… YAYYYY stage welcome back (:



im the new girl ^_^

27 09 2009

Hellooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m Crystal =) (haha of course!) I’m the new… eh i think administrator, or editor…i cant remember hmm but wuteverzzz… so ya Ima start postin and stuff soo keep visiting that site haha. umm so heres a little bit about mahself:

name: Crystal

fav color: blue, and purple =)

fav bands: greenday!!!!!!!!!!! coldplay, nickleback, umm the ting tings, and moreeeeee

favoriteee sites: cptv… UGH its deleted =<   clubpenguin rythym, this site of course!, and dreamholder

status: in love with TWO people


and yaaa thats a little bit about meh hehe =D




 ehh in the authors wiget thingy, on mah name it says chitchat101, haha ignoreeee that chitchat101=Crystal =) xD

Withyoually: Welcome Crystal

Mr Wobbles3: Hiya Crystal ;D.