Hey Guys

21 06 2010

The reason i want to post this is to remember all of you something/someone that has been through our life stage.He has been the best we’ve ever had he has made us laugh,live.He made our lives be as they are now.And then everything happened we started growing up,quitting cp,and stop communicating.But there is one thing that i will never forget the times he made us live were incredible.Thank you stage you had been the best friend ive ever had & i hope we meet again.





21 06 2010

Stage if you are online right now and viewing this go to www.xat.com/cpdxdgenerationx !!!&& Comment WHO EVER is looking at this post please.


27 05 2010

Heyy Stage!I found a way we could see each other again!Make a hotmail like msn and when your done making it give it to me ill add you!!!!I hope we find each other again i have many brilliant ideas.

We need you stage!

18 01 2010

Stage we need u back into our lifes PLEASE come back!!!

~rocker66843 & Cabo7714~

Crystal: HURRY UP stage!.. u better come!   :p

Rocker66843: Yea stage u have to come, cp is not the same as it was before with cpdx dominating and xat is very boring, we need u alot

Crystal: What if.. he died.. hahaha.. no.. 😐 im so bored.. no but seriously wut if x]

Igloo Cheats!

24 08 2009

Hi Ppl cabo7714 now we can play bowling at our igloos!Here is a pic!alley

Click on the Window To get the bowling alley!


Click on the stove to have the bowling Pin!



24 07 2009

Hey cabo7714 Here Look what the cp team bring for us to vote!193938806149797131

Bye Melbery!

22 07 2009

Mel was an awesome friend author he had many talent!He was awesome and sometimes serious but he made many favors he was just the best friend!And today i want you to know he was the best and i know rocker made a post about Melbery but i wanted to do it my own!