New Video… :)

18 08 2009

Helloo!!  Yesterday i made a Club Penguin Music Video It was hard to make but i finally made it. I uploaded the video like at 3:00 am  :S and finished it at 1:00 am :D.

Rocker,like i promise i finished it before 3:00 am!!.

Leave commentz please :D.   I got to go eat Mcdonalds 🙂  Byeebyee!




Huge Earthquake in Mexico?

10 08 2009

Hello! I know this has nothing to do with Club Penguin but…

Today i got an email that says some kind of woman predicted a BIG Earthquake in Mexico.

The email says that the earthquake in the city of mexico will be between 11 and 12 am.

It says that this earthquake could destroy mexico,All mexico.

And something that scared the crap out of me is that i live in Mexico but not in mexico city, in Baja California,Mexicali.

The Woman says that Baja California will separate of Mexico.

I will put a picture of all Mexico:

Do you see where Baja California is?

Thats where i live, And i dont know if its real but its creepy!


4000 Hits!

3 08 2009

OMG!      4000 hits!!

Woah… Lots of hits!  We should thank all the people who visit this awesome blog!

I have a question!  Here it is:

Should we throw a party?!

Leave a comment and tell me the date of the party ( if you think we should throw a party)

and if not just say No! lets wait til 5000 hits!



1 08 2009

Why is everyone bored?!

I have an idea…

Okk here it is:

We must think of something to do, something new that nobody did before.

Something like…. A race on Club Penguin or Spell Club Penguin on the dock

with a bunch of penguins 😀

Try to think of something.

i will judge your idea and if you win.

You think of something you want us to do with you. It could be a vip party or record a video with you or i dont know whatever you want! xD



New Club Penguin ♫ Video!

31 07 2009

Hiiiiiiii Guuuuyyss!
Guess what!
New Club Penguin ♫ Video!
Yup thats right!
It was recorded by Rocker and editd by me 😉
Well…. Here is the vdeo:

I know i used a lot of anotation lol

But i though it will be fun to use them 🙂

Please leave a comment,Rate and Subscribe!


Friday Night Show!

19 07 2009

Hello0o ppl!! 

Sorry i didnt post in a whileeeeee….

But guess what! 

Club Penguin Friday Night News!  Yup 🙂 

Its a show that me my bro and my cousin made!

Every friday we will make a different video…

Here is the first video:

Also please visit the youtube channel:

Thanks… Byebye… 😀



26 06 2009

Ello ppl out there! reading this post!!

I just wanted to let you know that i updated the ABOUT AUTHORS PAGE!

;D  lol umm tell me if u have watched the movie TRANSFORMERS 2!

and if its worth to watch it plz plz!

Oh Oh Oh Oh!!     and R.I.P MICHAEL JACKSON! The king of POP!

;(  ;(       ;(      ;(        ;(        Leave a comment if u saw this post! if u dont leave a comment you will turn into a chair and umm youll see what happens!


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