30 08 2009

Hey wats up!! Guess what? I am actually going to be helping rocker and stage with most of the cpDX videos.Yay!!!!!!!!!!So hope you guys all like cpDx premire that will be soon. BYE!!!!!!!!!

                                                            ~Liger~ Suck It Boy!!!

thanks for helping liger!




17 07 2009

Heyy! Ligerman here just saying i am changing the party to july 20th 3:00 cp time server ice bound wear anything music realted.( sorry so boring i have to go to the beach like right now



                                                                                                                                     P.S. check out the post below


11 07 2009

Heyy Ligerman here! Just wanted to remind everyone about the party im hosting for the music jam! Heres the information:


                    Server: ice bound

                      When: July 18

                      Time: 3:00 cp

                 Where:Ligerman9999 igloo

                      Why: Music jam 09

           Wear: Anything music related

                                            P.S.Comment if coming .Thanks!:)

                                                            ~  Ligerman9999 ~


8 07 2009

Hey Ligerman here! Just wanted to give you a reminder for my music jam party. The information is below  



                                                            Date: July, 18

                                                            When: 3:00 Pm

                                                            Where: Ligerman9999 igloo on map

                                                             Why:Music jam 09

                                                             Wear: anything music related


                                                                                                             P.S. Comment if ur coming. Thanks!:)



16 06 2009

Hey Ligeman here! Sorry that i haven’t posted in a while, i’ve been busy lately.So I’m holding a contest and there will be three questions. The first person to comment on this and write the answer wins. Ok, now for the questions

1. Ok so you are the pilot of an airplane that is going 265 mph over the atlantic ocean headed for Tokyo, Japan. The wind is in the opposite direction going 12 mph and the airplane is at a 45 degee angle while flying.What is the pilots name? The real question is is this possible to answer?

2.There are 8 apples on a tree. You take 3 apples. How many apples are there with you?

3.This question is more of a research question. But What was the first video on Youtube Ligerman9999 was ever in?

If you win you will get to add any author of your choice.Good Luck!



6 06 2009

Heyy Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself I’m Ligerman and I hope you enjoy the

posts I put up. Thanks!


6 06 2009

Heyy its ligerman im going to be having a mini party on saturday on the server ice

shelf. The first room to go to will be the dock.

P.S. first three people who get there get to add me