Im quitting

2 09 2009

IM so quitting this site 😐  Why? Cuz i have lots of reasons. LOTS OF REASONS.  And most of the reasons  are  people :\ People like these:

Stage and i are fine noww. but i dont think it will last long ……

Also im getting a little old of cp.. its getting boring to me now.


yeaaa… anger taking control of me. Well, Rocker take me off the Authors List…. Cya everybody….. And i know after this post ill make even more enemies. And also, my friends irl are advising for me to quit.

~Mr Wobbles3

 Good Bye Party:

Where: Iscool87 igloo

When: 11:00 Am

Server: Icicle

i know most of you might not come :] but still. try. Bye



Contest Results

23 08 2009

Contest results are here……………

1st place: Blueagar Jr

2nd place: Coolmatt2

3rd place: Sivvywivvy

 If your wondering for the answers well here……

1. Corazon Aquino

2. Nicole Scherzinger(youll get it right even if you answered it wrong)

3. Kerylle(Same thing as number 2)


5. 2006

6. Basketball Court


8. 2005

9. 1

10. Its teeth

11. Terrible Cat


13. Goats and Whales

14. Saber Tooth Cats

15.  Seismosaurus

16. Protoceratops

17. Jurassic

18. Dinofelis

19. Piano, Recorder, Violin

20. Iscool87


Some people have been disqualified for various reasons. Thanks for entering. And im in a bad mood and i think i might quit this site. THX TO THE AUTHORS who ruined it and btw, this author cheated on the contest and the other one is jut an annoying little brat who doesnt face the truth….. AND Blueagar Jr WILL NOT become an author BECAUSE rocker just said he has too much authors, blueagar jr will get the code and add rocker……….. If she wants to…

Mr Wobbles3

Series 3 toy code contest….

23 08 2009

Hey guys x] The contest still doesnt have alot of entries. But im going to end it today. I will post the results soon. Keep checking

~Mr Wobbles3~

Toy code contest is ending

18 08 2009

The toy code contest is still going on. BUT IT MIGHT END THIS THURSDAY. Hurry! The prizes will be the same except the music video. The music video will be Rocker’s choice.

1st place: Series 3 toy code, become an author, add rocker, and MAYBE be in a vid

2nd place: Host a party and maybee add rocker

3rd place: Host a party and add me

Those are pretty much the prizes 😆 So hurry! The history questions are hardest 😆 If i dont get atleast 30 comments JUST LIKE LAST TIME. The contest will keep extending 😆 well sorry i want lots of people to enter Good luck

~Mr Wobbles3~

Nearing the 5,000 hits and NEWS about the toy codes..

16 08 2009

Were near 5,000 hits.. and if you are wondering about the toy code contest THe contest is extended to Wednesday or Thursday. There is only 15 entries. Last time there was over 30 entries. So get them in!

~Mr Wobbles3~

Back from vacation and the contest ends today…

15 08 2009

Hey guys! Im back from my vacation at San Francisco…. Lots of you must have been waiting a long time 4 the contest.. srry 😆 the contest ends today so no more entries. and im still looking at the entries. well cya!

~Mr Wobbles3~


9 08 2009

Hey guys.. I got the toy codes and heres the contest. You might be wondering whats the prizes. First place is Toy code and other prizes. Ive thought about the prizes and I will talk to Rocker about it. So here it is! 😆

Philippines(5 points)

1. Which former Filipino president died this month?

2. Whats my favorite filipino female singer?

3. What female singer do I hate the most?

4. What part of the Philippines was I born in?(NORTH,SOUTH,EAST,OR WEST)

Club Penguin(4 points)

5. When was Rockhopper introduced?

6. On the Water Party 2008, how did the Forest look like?

7. In the Puffle Party, which puffle was celebrated at the Iceberg?

8.  When was the Beta hat released?


Prehistoric Creatures( 6 points)

10. How did the Scimitar Cat get its name?

11. What does Dinofelis mean?

12. What’s the name of the large extinct prehistoric bird that was expected to be carnivore?(HINT: Gas***nis)

13. Look at these pictures, , what was this animals future decendants? Meaning the Andrewsarchus(the pictures) is an ancestor of those animals.

14. What species of animals was Smilodon from?

15. What was the longest dinosaur that ever lived?

16.  What was the Velociraptor’s main enemy at the deserts of Asia?(HINT: ITS A PLANT EATER and ITS A RELATIVE OF THE TRICERATOPS)

17. What time period did the Stegosaurus live? (TRASSIAC, JURASSIC, CREATEOUS) how ever you spell it…

18. What predatory cat was thought of a “false saber tooth cat” and legs were too short for running and was thought for climbing trees and jumping on to prey instead.

Just about me……( 7 points)

19. What instruments do I play?

20. What is my penguin that I am currently using?(HINT: ITS A CPTV AUTHOR)


Tough again i say xD but you know Toy code that unlocks 4 items… GOOD LUCK!


~Mr Wobbles3~


———————————– UPDATED————————————————————————————————-

ON ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT MY FAVORITE AND LEAST FAVORITE SINGER…….. i changed the answer xD BUT everybody who got it wrong will be decided of right so yours count as right