dont go…

25 02 2011

dont go guys… you guys kno i was gone for so long… i want you back now. please dont go…

rocker you have to contact me. or cabo come on guys im starting to get desprete here


wont back down

21 01 2011

Its me stage. Recentlly ive been going thru changes. … ive been idle for 2 And a half years and i sincerly apoligize . Ill soon make a blog and soon make a chat ssglider,rocker….and all our dx fans…i promise ill return. So spread the word. Im not cp nomore. Dx is back.


7 11 2010

hey, I have decided to quit Club Penguin and this site cause Club Penguin is boring and this site is dead! So Goodbye! Cabo you know where to find when you wanna talk! Peace out



23 07 2010

My friend Piplup Ice99 is having a party and wants you too! Everyone is welcome!

now heres the party info!

  • saturday 5pst
  • piplup ice99s igloo on the map
  • marshmellow
  • wear bunny¬†or party hats
  • be ready to be caked!


Free Membership

13 07 2010

If you want a free one year mebership go here:

Hey Guys

21 06 2010

The reason i want to post this is to remember all of you something/someone that has been through our life stage.He has been the best we’ve ever had he has made us laugh,live.He made our lives be as they are now.And then everything happened we started growing up,quitting cp,and stop communicating.But there is one thing that i will never forget the times he made us live were incredible.Thank you stage you had been the best friend ive ever had & i hope we meet again.




21 06 2010

Stage if you are online right now and viewing this go to !!!&& Comment WHO EVER is looking at this post please.