CP Cheats!

             This is a CP Cheats page! You can find cheats in this page!

            How to talk with the newspaper

              1. Open up the newspaper

              2. Go to “We need you.”

              3.  Click on the question box

              4. Then without typing anything click send

              5.  Go to the front page of the newspaper

              6. Press tab then you can talk with the newspaper

              Club Penguin Chat Bubble Cheat

                   1.  Go to anywhere in cp

                   2. Type any 7 to 10 letter word

                   3. Enter the chat bubble

                Command Room free secret

                1. Have a friend earn coins at Club Penguin Elite Force

                2.  Upload the coins to your account on Club Penguin

                3. Go to the HQ

                4. Click on the closet then you’ll be in there

                 Walk on Pathways

               1. Click on the pathway

               2. When you are going to the pathway click on penguin mail

               3.  View the penguin mail envolpe for about 5-10 seconds deponding on how far you are away from a pathway.

               4. Exit the penguin mail envolpe after walkig 5-10 seconds deping on how far you are from a pathway.

              Blank Chat Bubble Cheat

             1. Click on the chat bar on the bottom.

             2. Press space 

             3. Enter


    1. This cheat only works in some places like the town or Dojo

    2. Click on the bottom left then click on the bottom right until your penguin is Nubbing all the way down.


                   Walk away from find four while playing

            1.  Go to the Ski Lodge and play find four

            2. Then click yes

            3. Then click at the door at where you enter the ski lodge

             Walk away from Manacala while playing

         1. Click on Manacala

         2. Yes

         3. Click up penguin mail

        4. Close penguin mail

        5. Click anywhere in the room you want to go


           Map Labels Cheat

           1. Open up the map

           2. Click and hold any place where you’d wanna go

            3. Click X on the map

           Spin While Sitting

             1. Press the arrow keys in a clockwise or counter clockwise way

          Freeze while doing a special dance

            1. Get a special item on such as a electric guitar

            2. Press D and hold D

              Walk on Water

            1. First go to the Iceberg

            2. Click on the aqua grabber

            3. It should ask you a question about playing aqua grabber click no

            4. Click on the water near by aqua grabber.

           Hide your penguin name

               1. Click on the bottom of Club Penguin in mostly every room for example the dock

           Bad Quality

           1. Press + or = on the keyboard

           Hidden Emotes

       E+M = Money

       E+T= Toot Noise

       E+Q= Ice Cream 1

      E+W= Ice Cream 2

      E+Z= Pizza

      E+C= Coffee


     E+F= Flower

     E+H= Heart

     E+P= Puffle

     E+1= Laughing

     E+2= Smiley

     E+3= straight face

     E+4= Very Sad Face

     E+5= surprise face

     E+6= Yuck Face

     E+7= Wink

     E+8= Green Face

     E+9= Mad Face

     E+0= sad face

     E+G= Game

     E+L= Clover

        Fish Catolog Cheats

    1. Go to the HQ

    2. Click on FISH

    3. Go right until you find the clothes

    4. Click on the glasses

    Finding Red Viking Helmet

  1. Look on this website or different websites for cheats for Red Viking Helmet

   Finding Blue Viking Helmet 

 1. After you have found out where the red viking helmet is you click on where it is

 2. Open and close it 4 times then it will say something like this you have found the… click yes

 Go into the Secret Ninja place

 1. You must beat the sensei

 2. Click on the door on the far left then you will be in there

 Finding Secret Items in the Catologs

 1. You move the cursor until the hand cursor  comes up

 2. Click on hand cursor

  See the secret ninjas

 1. Go to the ski lodge

 2. Look for a pic that looks like a half penguin

   Speed Boat at the Binoculars

1. Go to the Cove.

2. Click on the binoculars

3. Wait 20-30 seconds then you will see the speed boat

     Fast Snowballs

1. Press T and click at the same time

     Fast Waving

  1.  Press W and click at the same time

    Spaming Or talking fast

  1. Press J on the keyboard

     Fred the Cookoo Clock

     Wait every 30 minutes past the hour or find him at the new hour.

     Sit On HQ Desk

   1. Click on the right corner of the HQ

   2. Then click on the Door on the far left

     Rockhoppers Friend Braclet

  1. Go to the Top Floor of the Coffee Shopp

  2. Click where the books are

  3. Click on Rockhopper and the Stoaway

  4. Go to the very back

  5. Click on the braclet on the end click yes

    Captain Quarters Key

    1. First Go to the top floor of the coffee shop

    2. Click on the books

    3. Go to Rockhoppers Jornal

    4. Go to the very back

    5. At the back you’ll see a key click on it press yes

     All newspapers up Cheat

  1. Go to the Boiler Room

  2. Click on where the newspapers are

  3. Click and hold on the newspapers back to front

  4. Put your mouse to the right of the newspapers.


   Club Penguin Coin Cheats

      Dj3K Cheats

   1. Go to the nightclub

   2. Click on DJ3K

   3. Do some sound mixes and other stuff that will get you coins

   4. Wait for 5-9 minutes and you’ll get over 200 Coins

    Surfing Cheat 1

    Bring a red puffle

    Surfing Cheat 2

   In this cheat you can get over 1,000 coins!!! And you have 2 be good at it.

   1. Get a member good surfboard the best is da Silver Surfboard

   2. Go to the Cove.

   3. Go to surfing and click on the 2nd one free style

   4. Do a special trick that won’t get you 1 coin 2 coins.

   5. Do some spins in the air and you’ll get maybe 100 coins.

    6. At the end you should have around 400-1250 coins or if you’ve really mastered the move maybe you’ll get 1,600 coins. My record is between 1,500 and 1,600 idk some where in between.

    Aqua Grabber Cheat 1

    Bring a pink puffle

     Hydro Hopper Cheat 1

    1. Get a member board

   Treasure Hunt Cheat

    Look for the sparkley things in the sand they may be emerald, diamonds, coins

   Jet Pack adventure cheat

   Try to go through the game without getting a single coin. Then you’ll be rewarded 1,000 coins.

   Play Expert Difficulty in Single Player

    1. Go to the nightclub

    2. Play Dance Contest

    3. Click on single player

    4. Pick your song

    5. Click on Cadence

    6. Choose Expert Difficulty

    Grrr!! I hav 2 go again!!! Waddle On! More cheats 2day!
















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14 07 2009
Da Green

Hey guys, on the surfing cheat 2 my highest amout of coins i got was about 2700 lol

14 07 2009
Da Green

Oh if u just wear the color light blue (nothing else), to the iceberg and stand in front of the water. u look like part of the water O_o

5 08 2009


29 09 2009

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12 01 2010

found your site today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..

4 02 2010

Nice blogpost, amazing looking blog, added it to my favs!

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